So you’ve graduated high school. Congratulations! Job well done! I’m proud of you, honestly. You’ve spent the last four years of your life on a daily schedule of listening to boring teachers, ridged class times, loud speakers of loud nonsense office administrators and parents getting on your nerves. But now you’ve graduated high school and probably reached that beautiful age of 18? Yes? Well, congratulations, again!

Now you’re on your way to college, super! That’s all well and everything. College is important and what not? I would say congratulations to you, but once I’m done giving your brains an overload on the absolute truth about it, you’ll be wishing a high school diploma was the ending of your degrees…but sadly it’s 2010. If you have a high school diploma, McDonald’s won’t even hire you. Anyone who has ever applied to the food chains of America can now see a section of Yes or No questions on whether you attended college and obtained a degree. Yes amigos, even McDonald’s expects you to have a degree before taking an order.

Oh, I very well remember my high school graduation. I was short (still short, but whatever) and acne swarmed my face like Lady Gaga on the radio airways. I wasn’t too happy about starting a new chapter in life, but whatever. I sat in a sea of eager misguided misfit students that thought freedom was upon the horizon. They couldn’t be any wrong. You see, a high school student who decides to continue hell in college meant freedom was never upon the horizon but rather 6 feet in a solemn grave. I looked at them—even the crazy-eyed girl who sat beside me. Could she be more stupid looking? That dreadful walk to the stage seemed to cause slight cardiac arrhythmia but I kept my cool and accepted my diploma that meant little to nothing.

Anyway, I left high school at 18 years old and college would now be my next stop for four years, or so I thought. Keep reading readers…you won’t be dissatisfied. This is a TELL ALL about everything; the absolute truth about it.